High Achieving Sales Machine

We achieve a higher and faster rate of sales for our clients through keen and focused strategies via our outbound telecommerce platform.

At Teledirect, we serve our client’s needs with a highly structured and process driven activity to secure results that meet or exceed expectations while giving paramount consideration to corporate representation and image.

We cultivate the following business strategies to achieve client’s goals and to deliver optimal results:

We cultivate business strategies to achieve client’s goals
Building on existing relationships to offer a new service or product.
Expert scripting with consideration and courtesy shown to consumers.
Systematic auditing and coaching processes to maintain accuracy, consistency and professionalism.
Strict methodology of Quality Control to check infringements and suggest corrective actions.
Ongoing improvement of tools and techniques to maintain highest quality and performance.
Teledirect has a core of dedicated and experienced trainers who are skilled in building a pool of talented team to meet client expectations and needs.

What gives Teledirect the distinct advantage is our ability to reengineer and customize business cases.

Our key measurements of success keep us a step ahead in providing higher sales faster:

Cost per
Agent productivity
Sales agent conversion rate
Contact rate of database
Analysis by customer segments
Decision maker contact
Teledirect caters to companies either needing to improve their customer service or to boost their sales.
Profit Generating
Our methods and motives are geared to enhancing relationships and generating profit for our clients.