Improving Call Center Performance
Our past records of performance include setting up over a dozen contact centres in 8 countries across Asia and Europe. We have executed over 4,500 varied projects, training thousands of contact centre agents for our clients and helping to set up 10 external contact centres in Asia.

We believe fervently that at any time, call centres can improve performance by a minimum of 30%.

However, at Teledirect, we provide an extra edge with our contribution and expertise in the following:

Process Analysis
Process Design
Process Review
Design of Training Tools
Training Delivery
Overall Project Management
Mystery Shopper Programmes
Provision of Software Development
Data Mining & Database Administration
Talent Support
Provision of TeleSmart (Teledirect’s proprietary contact management software operating currently on over 1,600 workstations)
Helping our clients achieve high performance while fostering an innovative and diverse culture is our goal at Teledirect. Discover companies like yours who have found success with Teledirect.
Profit Generating Customer Service
Our methods and motives are geared to enhance relationships and generate profit for our clients.
We took a close look at what really made a difference in the success of each project we had implemented in the past few years.