At Teledirect, employing best in breed infrastructure is much more than only hardware and software. It’s a complex combination of understanding how technologies interact with People and Processes while delivering powerful analytics.

We operate 8 contact centres in Asia (Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, China, Japan), offering 2,500 fully computerised workstations in state-of-the-art premises.

Our data security approach meets the highest international standards.

We work with the following technology providers for optimal performance in terms of systems uptime, reliability and functionality.

Our data security approach meets the highest international standards.
TeleSmart is our state-of-the-art Contact Management System. It integrates with PBX and Predictive diallers to provide a seamless user experience and maximized productivity and analytics.
TeleSmart provides the following functionality:
Knowledge base
Online scripts
Call-Back Management
HR integration
Detailed and thorough
Automated Case escalation
Integrated emails
Online quizzes
Real time Coaching
Real time Quality Assurance
Multimedia handling e.g. emails, mail, fax, voice, telex, social media
Teledirect Profile
Since 1995 Teledirect has charted a pioneering path in the field of outsourced telecommerce.
The leadership team at Teledirect is committed to making outsourced contact centre services better.