Profit Generating Customer Service
Maintaining a delicate balance between CRM and reducing customer service costs has been a top priority at Teledirect.

We work hard to deliver quality and professional customer service at a lower cost using cutting edge systems and methods.

Our methods and motives are geared to enhancing relationships and generating profit for our clients.

Our Offerings. Centralised off-shore contact centres coupled with an extensive network of regional contact centres offering skills in 14 languages to cater to the Asian and English-speaking markets.

A hybrid solution where calls are partially centralised/decentralised but with a unified CRM platform.

A hybrid solution where calls are partially centralised / decentralised
Our key strengths in this discipline come from our ability to be competitive and agile. For example our TeleSmart CRM platform possesses:
  • Multi stakeholders case management
  • Online knowledge base
  • Auto SMS follow up
  • Speed capture methods
  • Auto email inbound and outbound
  • Online statistics for calculating on-time key performance indicators
  • Close loop management system
Abandon rate
Service level
Agent utilisation rate
Product knowledge score
End-user satisfaction score
Our Customer Service and Technical Support training is further enhanced by paper-less environments promoting accuracy and quality and ensuring total integrity.
Our Total Quality Program ensures that team members are carefully selected, their training records are audited and their competencies continuously reviewed and enhanced. Finally, we have a competitive edge with our versatility in designing programmes, our obsession for accuracy and quality, our commitment to staff training and development and our passion for creativity and performance.
Key Measurement Indexes:
Process Analysis
Process Design
Abandon rate
Service levels
Agent utilisation rate
First call resolution
On-time to response
On-time to resolution
Product knowledge score
End-user satisfaction score
Cost per transaction
High Achieving Sales Machine
We achieve a higher and faster rate of sales for our clients through keen and focused strategies via our outbound telecommerce platform.
Improving Call Center Performance
We believe fervently that at any time, call centres can improve performance by a minimum of 30%.