How does one select the next Sebastien Vettel, Lionel Messi or Michael Jackson for the call-center business?
Teledirect fully leverages its deep Human Resource experience to establish employee profiles matching both Teledirect and our client’s culture. Standard selection criteria are mixed with more specific personality traits required to achieve success.

These criteria were established through the analysis of a comprehensive database of successful employees using an algorithm to determine qualities that have a high chance of producing sustainable results.

Our search is carried out by our own head hunting team for most of our recruitment needs. The fact that we do not rely so much on recruitment agencies results in lower staff turnover and greater selection accuracy.

Our interviewing techniques include scenario based evaluations combined with past relevant experience questions. All questions and evaluations are computerised and interviewers are certified before they conduct interviews.

Only the best make it to the selection list. In fact, our selection ratio has historically been 20 interviewed to 1 starting on payroll.

We use an algorithm to assess employees.
Only the best make it to the selection list.
“Our entire business exists and can only prosper if and when we are able to optimize the selection process”
We took a close look at what really made a difference in the success of each project we had implemented in the past few years.
Training & Development
Our tactical trainings are broken down into several sections including generic training, application and product/client specific.